Although most companies in the UK use vans for pest control, depending on the type of work you intend to do, you could operate your business in a truck or car if a van doesn’t suit you.

Whichever type of vehicle you are considering, it is important that you also consider the following:

  • ☑ You don’t need a large vehicle – The largest items you are likely to carry are ladders and sprayers.
  • ☑ You may want to consider ‘fitting out’ your vehicle to ensure products and equipment are stored safely during transportation.
  • ☑ Consider a roof rack to store larger items like ladders and extension poles.
  • ☑ Include a fire extinguisher, eyewash, first aid kit and spill kits.
  • ☑ Have a secure chemical area or container (e.g. B&G Carry Case).
  • ☑ Mark the load-carrying area with the general danger warning sign.